Disney is Releasing ‘Disney Genie’ Magic

Disney’s FastPass is A Thing of the Past… It’s Time to Get into the Lightning Lane For those of us who watch our Disney reservation dates

Clean Data is A Game-Changer for Your Travel Business

It’s no secret that travel and tour planning has experienced a seismic shift in the marketplace.  Operations that were once very hands-on have moved online.  As

3 Reasons Managing Supplier Data Stinks

In the travel and hospitality world, managing mass volumes of vendor and client information is a necessary evil that cuts into the time you could spend

Why Hosted Supplier Data is THE Smartest Move for Your Travel Business

In the group travel planning world, time is a precious commodity.  Spending time finding suppliers, tracking down rates, updating contacts, and then doing it all again

Secrets of Catalina Island

It was supposed to be a Mediterranean Cruise.  It was my husband’s 50th birthday, our 25th anniversary, and our son’s graduation, so we planned to celebrate

How to Grow Your Home-Based Travel Business

Barry Kantz is the host of the popular Home Based Travel Agent Show podcast.  Below he shares words of wisdom with the Group Experience travel tribe

The International Concert Series: Music & Magic in Ancient Ireland

 The International Concert Series in Ireland Close your eyes and conjure up an image of Ireland… what do you see?  Lush green landscapes?  Quaint towns with

Upgrade Your Trip Planning Tech

A Cheat Sheet for the Un-Tech Savvy!   Why is it that we can never get it quite right?  We spend big bucks on the jPhoneXRUltra

Travel Planners – It’s Time to Get Your Heads IN the Cloud

Group travel planners – it’s time to get your heads in the cloud.   Only 53% of tour operators planning multi-day trips use some “dedicated technology platform