Practice Responsible Tourism

Travel is awesome.  Exploring new places, meeting new friends, trying new things – it’s such a rush!  But as you indulge your wanderlust, remember that your

3 Powerful Reasons to Use a Group Booking Partner

Planning a group trip is always an adventure (pun intended!)  If you’re heading to a new destination, or even back to an old favorite, you’re never

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Somewhere in Mackinaw

Somewhere in Mackinaw If you’re a fan of movies that tug the heartstring, chances are you’ve probably seen Somewhere in Time starring Christopher Reeve and Jane

Destination Dispatch – Great Conversations About Places

GTO just keeps growing!  And while we do, we’re improving how we support our awesome community! One of the distinctly unique features of Group Travel Odyssey

The Metaverse – Explore a New Digital World of Travel Possibilities

I don’t get it.  Why would anyone spend real, hard-earned dollars on a virtual pair of sneakers?  Like, a really expensive pair of virtual sneakers?  Or

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Generation S! If you didn’t already know, the market for group travel is HOT!  And right in the middle of the group travel trend is Generation

Using Technology to Reduce Group Travel Risks

5 ways technology keeps your business on track… As 2022 begins with yet another COVID surge, group tour planners are trying to strike a balance between