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We live in a digital world populated with chatbots, robocallers, and Alexas.  And it’s a wonderful thing!  Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways-

Grapevine Texas is a Travel Treasure

Travel is all about finding the hidden gems and tucked away places that others have overlooked.  Grapevine, Texas is a treasure trove of sophisticated experiences and

Solo vs. Group Travel: Which One Works for You?

Revenge travel is real – and it’s gaining momentum!  Everyone is eager to get back out and explore again.  The question is, how do you like

Disney is Releasing ‘Disney Genie’ Magic

Disney’s FastPass is A Thing of the Past… It’s Time to Get into the Lightning Lane For those of us who watch our Disney reservation dates

Clean Data is A Game-Changer for Your Travel Business

It’s no secret that travel and tour planning has experienced a seismic shift in the marketplace.  Operations that were once very hands-on have moved online.  As

3 Reasons Managing Supplier Data Stinks

In the travel and hospitality world, managing mass volumes of vendor and client information is a necessary evil that cuts into the time you could spend

Why Hosted Supplier Data is THE Smartest Move for Your Travel Business

In the group travel planning world, time is a precious commodity.  Spending time finding suppliers, tracking down rates, updating contacts, and then doing it all again

Secrets of Catalina Island

It was supposed to be a Mediterranean Cruise.  It was my husband’s 50th birthday, our 25th anniversary, and our son’s graduation, so we planned to celebrate

How to Grow Your Home-Based Travel Business

Barry Kantz is the host of the popular Home Based Travel Agent Show podcast.  Below he shares words of wisdom with the Group Experience travel tribe