Revenge travel is real – and it’s gaining momentum!  Everyone is eager to get back out and explore again.  The question is, how do you like to explore?  Are you a “go-it-alone” and live-in-the-moment kind of traveler?  Or do you prefer to sit back and let someone else guide your adventure?

Solo vs. group travel is a hot topic in the tourism industry.  Die-hard group travel fans will swear up and down that group is the way to go.  Solo explorers insist that the single life is where it’s at.

Whether you travel solo or in a group depends on your personal preferences.  Let’s dig a little deeper and find out the benefits of each.

Solo vs. Group Travel

Solo travel can mean anything from traveling entirely on your own to traveling on your own as part of a group of solo travelers.  A little confusing, but true.

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Group travel is typically defined as a group of ten or more people traveling together.  This “travel tribe” has common interests and believes strongly that going together makes the travel experience more meaningful.

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Benefits of Solo Travel

What are the Benefits of Going It Alone?

There are great benefits to each kind of travel, so again, what you choose really depends on your comfort zone.

That said, a recent poll showed that 60% of travelers are planning a solo trip in the next two years.  So, what’s the draw?

You Set the Schedule

When you plan solo travel, your time is your own.  You don’t have to worry about meeting times, scheduled activities, group meals, etc.

You can go where you want when you want!

Last-Minute Deals

Traveling on your own gives you the flexibility to plan at the last minute – and often at a great price point.  Last-minute deals and incentives are readily available for the traveler who can pick up and go at a moment’s notice.

And it’s not just last-minute deals.  Many tour companies, cruise lines, etc. are now offering single-passenger fares that are lower than typical vacation rates.

Let your budget be your guide. If you find an amazing deal at a hostel and want to save a few bucks, you can.  Or, if you decide to splurge on an amazing foodie experience… go for it!  Take advantage of the bargains and plan your budget accordingly.

Travel like a local

Experiencing New People and Places (Like a Local!)

When you don’t have a safety net of family and friends surrounding you, there’s a little more incentive to meet new people.  After all, you kinda have to put yourself out there if you want to get around!

Getting to know new people, immersing yourself in a different culture, and generally feeling as if you belong is a really cool advantage to traveling solo.   In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons millennial solo travelers identify when asked why they travel alone.


As simple as it sounds, traveling on your own is a big boost to your confidence.  Remember when you first got your license?  Suddenly, every decision was completely up to you (good and bad ?)!

Solo travel gives you that same “I’m out in the world and I’m doing this” feeling.  You are responsible for how you get around, what you want to do, when you do it, and with whom.  In other words, the success or failure of your adventure depends on you!

Benefits of Group Travel

What are the Benefits of Going in A Group?

While many of us think of group travel as something grandma and grandpa plan, younger generations are beginning to get in on the action as well.

Foodie trips, adventure travel, sports-themed getaways, eco experiences, and more offer lots of perks for group travelers.

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It’s Easy

Group travel gives you access to pre-planned tours with no question marks.  You know where you’re going, what you’ll see and do, where you’ll stay, or even what you can expect to eat.

Often, you’ll have a knowledgeable guide or group leader to help navigate the unknown.  Guides know the hot spots and highlights, as well as what (and where) to stay away from.  Group tours take the guesswork out of traveling.

Solo vs. Group Travel

It’s Affordable

There’s a simple economic principle that says when you buy in bulk, costs go down.  The same principle applies to travel.

Traveling as a group gives you buying power. Attractions, accommodations, and even transportation offer discounts to group travelers.  For example:

  • Many airlines offer special group fares or discounts between 5% and 10% when you book on the same flight.
  • Hotels (especially the big brands) discount room costs when booking multiple rooms per night.
  • Nearly all attractions like theme parks and tours mark down ticket prices for groups of 20 or more.

How to Share Costs on A Group Trip

You Feel Like A VIP

Groups tend to not only get good discounts but VIP experiences as well.  That doesn’t mean the destination is rolling out the red carpet, but it might mean enjoying some of the lesser-known local attractions or “side door” access.

Group guides are expertly trained to know an area’s history, traditions, and culture.  They will ensure that you see everything on your itinerary AND the hidden gems!

safety in group travel

It’s Safer

We always tell our kids to “stick with a buddy” when they go somewhere. The buddy rule makes a lot of sense when traveling as well.

Finding new places to explore is exciting and going with a friend is lots of fun!  But what happens if your travel buddy can’t go?

Travel tribes are the perfect solution.  These are the people who share your interests and your wanderlust!  You’ll have a great time with new or old friends who appreciate an adventure.

Let’s not forget, there’s safety in numbers.  A group is much more intimidating than an individual, making it less attractive to predators.  It also helps to know that you have extra eyes on both you and your valuables.

Solo vs. Group Travel

Going solo or in a group are both incredible ways to see the world.  In the end, it really comes down to what works for you.

If you’re the kind of person who thrives in the company of others, group experiences may be a good fit.

If you prefer to leave the world you know behind and immerse yourself in an authentic individual experience, try a solo trip.

Either way, join the ranks of other revenge travelers and go explore!