Group travel is exploding right now.  Everyone wants to see the world with friends and family.  2023 is seeing a full recovery in international travel with nearly 90% of insured travelers booking international destinations.  Along with that impressive stat is an increase in travel spending.  On average, travelers in 2022 spent roughly 25% more on their adventures compared to pre-pandemic spending.

As the demand for travel continues to surge, there’s a huge opportunity for independent travel advisors to cash in.  And we have a secret…. there’s a fresh new way to grow your group travel business!

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Let’s Talk Tech

As an independent agent, you probably spend a lot of time on the phone drumming up business.  But how travelers like to book trips is changing.  A recent survey showed that more than 73% of tourism companies use some kind of online reservation system.  And three to five of these bookings are mobile.

The convenience of an online platform a traveler can use anywhere makes it a great way to capture business and increase profits.

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Let’s Talk Group Experience!

Group Experience is a site designed specifically for independent travel advisors who want to streamline operations and grow their group businesses.

When you partner with Group Experience, you can:

  • Build and price itineraries
  • Set your profit margin
  • Access online payment and registration
  • AND… get coverage under GE’s liability protection

It’s a refreshingly simple solution for an agent’s most pressing challenges!

grow group travel business

How is Group Experience Different from Group Travel Odyssey?

Group Experience (GE) is a member company of Group Travel Odyssey (GTO), a cloud-based software and service developed for group tour operators.  GE employs basic tenets of GTO and applies them to independent advisors planning group trips.

Pretty good idea, right?!

Kory Vrieze (GTO Director) explains it this way…. “Group Experience is a game-changer for independent travel agents who want to grow their group businesses.  It will help them reduce the amount of time they spend planning and provide coverage that may otherwise be too cost-prohibitive to carry. Everything agents need to plan and publish a trip is in one user-friendly platform.”

grow group travel business

Go After That Group Travel Business!

As the trend to travel continues to gather momentum, it’s time for independent agents to go after group business.  Group Experience gives you the tools (and the confidence!) to make it happen.