In the group travel planning world, time is a precious commodity.  Spending time finding suppliers, tracking down rates, updating contacts, and then doing it all again in 12 months takes up a lot of that precious time.  What if I told you there’s a better way?  What if there was a system that did the heavy lifting for you?

Take note… because you’re going to want to be a part of this!  Let’s talk about why a hosted supplier data system is the smartest move for your travel business!


Group Travel Odyssey’s Exclusive Hosted Supplier Data

Group Travel Odyssey (GTO) is cloud-based software and service designed to make planning group travel simple and efficient.  The cornerstone feature of the GTO platform is its exclusive hosted supplier data.


(By the way… you’ll notice I highlighted “cloud-based software.”  That’s because it is the key to running your tour business like a well-oiled machine!)

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Why is hosted data so important?

GTO is the only travel planning platform that HOSTS and MAINTAINS supplier data.  We work closely with our GTO community, suppliers, and trade associations to keep our supplier information accurate and up to date.


As a tour operator, you understand that there is nothing more valuable than time spent growing your business.  Less time spent on operations means more time nurturing new opportunities for success.

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How does it work?

GTO maintains a general database of supplier information through its Supplier Manager app.  We update and improve information regularly through research and user feedback. That’s the genius of a shared, cloud-based site – it’s never stagnant!


When it’s time to build a trip in the system, supplier information, products, and pricing integrate seamlessly with the click of a button.  Imagine the time you’ll save by not picking up the phone or emailing for the latest rates.


The Supplier Manager app also allows you to manage your proprietary pricing, so you never have to worry about getting the best group rates.


Let’s break it down a little more…

Hosted supplier data

General Supplier Database Information

As part of the GTO community, you will have access to our entire supplier database, including those not currently available to you.


When you join the GTO community at the consultant level, you may upload up to 1000 suppliers from your system into our database during onboarding.


After your initial “data dump,” you’ll use the GTO request system to add new suppliers.


Our team of accuracy gurus maintains and updates this database with the most current posted group pricing and products, so you always have the latest information at your fingertips.


Your Proprietary Information

Your relationships count!  GTO understands that our community of travel is built on solid relationships.  Often, your years of supplier loyalty allow you to leverage exclusive pricing or products.  These are clearly yours alone and will never be shared with another operator.


GTO allows you to separate this proprietary information in our system so that only your company can access it. The accuracy gurus will enter the information and ensure it functions properly just as they do with all system suppliers.  That way, you’ll never miss a beat when building a trip.

Take Note

The Supplier Manager app also makes it simple to maintain your business relationships by saving key pieces of information.  For example:



You can add notes into the system for booking, general info, accounting, tour directors, motorcoach drivers, etc. for quick and easy reference.


Trade Show Appointments

Quickly and easily enter trade show appointments, contact information, show notes, and attachments.  In-person or virtual, your next industry conference will be a breeze!


Hosted Supplier Data is THE Smartest Move for Your Travel Business

Research has shown that only 53% of tour operators planning multi-day trips use some “dedicated technology platform for their tour core business.”  The rest use a mishmash of CRMs, email, Excel, or even file drawers to manage operations.  That’s not very efficient!


Make the most of the latest in cloud-based technology and streamline your business operations.  Sharing supplier data is a really smart way to manage your time and resources:


  1. Using GTO’s exclusive hosted supplier data takes the time-consuming task of updating suppliers off your to-do list.  That’s A LOT of found time that you can use to build your business!
  2. Sharing supplier data allows you to take advantage of suppliers or group rates you may not have even known were available.  When you join the GTO community, you expand your network exponentially.
  3. GTO suppliers integrate seamlessly with your Sales Manager app, allowing you to create itineraries quickly and efficiently within the system.  Your sales and ops teams will love the convenience of resources that are readily available and work seamlessly.
  4. The GTO shared system will also alert you when supplier updates affect your trips – a little extra peace of mind when you need it most!

Now that’s smart!


Contact the GTO team of experts for a personal assessment of your business needs and how GTO can help you grow!