How A Travel Service Company Can Help Your Travel Business Grow

A guest blog by Robert Miller, President/Owner of TravelAdvocates.  TravelAdvocates specializes in booking hotels and ground transportation for groups and is a trusted Group Experience partner.

Of the resources companies seek to maximize, time is the most difficult. How can we do more when we can’t increase the hours in a day? How can we get the best returns without increasing expenditures?

As we deal with the immense challenges of a global pandemic, it’s even more crucial for travel providers to maximize the use of their time and energy as many are facing smaller staffs and higher time requirements to make sure trips are operating smoothly and within the new pandemic rules and protocols.

group hotel reservations made easy

Group Hotel Reservations Made Easy

For these companies, the use of a travel services company like TravelAdvocates could be the easy answer to pushing past your time and resource limitations while keeping your company operating as lean and efficiently as possible.

With no cost for the service, here are just two quick ways TravelAdvocates assists travel providers:

1. Simple Contracts

There may be no more difficult task than having to read a 14-page hotel contract that often has terrible clauses for groups.

TravelAdvocates has streamlined the hotel contract to a simple, standardized 3-page document. It typically has the same contract clauses regardless of what hotel brand or city you’re booking: typically 30 days to cancel, no attrition, and no advanced deposits.

You can be assured that you are getting the most flexible contract clauses while freeing yourself of those endless hours of negotiating with hotels.

2. No More Credit Card Forms

Wrestling with a 40-page hotel bill that is filled with errors can be frustrating. TravelAdvocates makes paying the bill much easier.

At check out, they email you a 1-page invoice that is clear, correct, and based on your most updated rooming list. Pay for the rooms after the group checks out: TravelAdvocates typically waives any required advanced deposits.

You won’t need to complete any credit card authorization forms or direct bill application forms. This way the hotel doesn’t have your credit card to “accidentally” charge. Rest easy knowing the invoice is correct which will save you time and headaches with accounting.

TravelAdvocates Makes Booking Hotels for Groups Simple and Efficient – Saving You Time and Helping You Grow

TravelAdvocates may be the perfect cost-free solution to help you grow your business and support your existing team while providing the lowest room rates and most flexible contract clauses.

While we can’t add more hours to the day, TravelAdvocates can help you best maximize the 24 we get!

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