After months of remaining safely at home, Americans are ready to travel.  A March 2021 study by Destination Analysts shows two-thirds of Americans are in a travel-ready state of mind62% of Gen Z and 39% of millennials prefer to travel with a group.  Clearly, we’re ready to go, and we want to go together.  That’s where your travel tribe comes in.


What is A Travel Tribe?

A travel tribe is a group of people with common interests and a passion for travel.  These are the people you love hanging out with – they get you and you get them!

A travel tribe is a way of “togethering”- something we haven’t done much of this past year.  Research firm Yesawich Pepperdine Brown & Russell coined the term “togethering” as “a way to articulate the desire to share travel experiences with people we have common bonds with.”

Regardless of where you go, your trip is better when you can share the experience with someone.  That’s why planning group trips is one of the hottest trends in travel right now!


Who is A Travel Tribe?

The better question is “who ISN’T a travel tribe?”  Just about everyone is part of a travel tribe – they just don’t realize it.  If you have ever traveled with…

sports teams

faith-based or spiritual groups

food and wine enthusiasts

sororities or fraternities


garden clubs

music groups

ethnic groups


men’s or women’s groups

class reunions


political groups or

any special interest groups

…you’re part of a travel tribe.  Even if you’re a solo traveler, you’re part of a travel tribe (ironic, right?)


Why Are Travel Tribes Such A Hot Trend?


We’re craving an escape

The idea of spending time with people we love is very appealing right now.  We’ve been living virtually for so long that exploring the world with friends and family is the perfect remedy for Zoom fatigue.

We can keep to our bubbles

Many tribes are comprised of people already in our inner circles.  If you’re not quite ready to take on the masses, keep to your bubble.  Plan private experiences or outdoor adventures.  Skip the hotel and stay in a rental home or cabin.

Traveling in a tribe comes with awesome perks

Travel tribes offer travelers some pretty amazing perks.  Group travel is

1.  easy to plan.

2.  often more affordable.

3.  safer than going alone.

4.  much more fun!

Top 5 Group Travel Perks

travel tribes


How Do I Get My Tribe on Track?

If you’re ready to go “togethering”, you need a plan.

Designate A Tribe Leader

Every tribe needs a leader to take charge of the planning process.  If it’s you, be ready to get organized, handle details, communicate, and make decisions (this is no time for waffling!)

Figure Out Finances

Money can be tricky when you’re traveling in a group.  There are expenses you handle on your own (individual excursions, an occasional meal, etc.) and expenses you share.

Talk to your tribe ahead of time and determine who will pay for what.

              How to Share Costs on A Group Trip 

Book Your “Must Dos” Early

In our new pandemic world, pre-planning is a must.  Many hotels, restaurants, and attractions are limiting the number of guests so lock down your picks early.

The same goes for transportation – whether it’s airfare, rental car, or even party bus! As more people hit the road, demand is higher and supply is lower than before.

Apps Make it Easy

There are lots of great apps that make traveling with a tribe easy.

Splittr lets you ditch the spreadsheets and split your group’s trip expenses.  It works anywhere, in any currency, and allows you to keep track of who’s paid what.

Splitwise keeps a running total of who’s paid what and integrates with Venmo to settle up at the end of the trip.  Splitwise does not adjust for currency, so it’s ideal for domestic travel.

Prava lets you message within the app and lets you share your location with others.  You can also share photos, expenses, and notes with the group.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform app that allows users to send and receive messages for free. It’s especially popular with international travelers. Users can even group chat through WhatsApp.

Find the Right Travel Tribe Provider

Do yourself a favor and simplify the planning process with a great travel tribe provider.

Group Experience (GE) will help you organize your trip from start to finish.  GE has everything you need to plan your own experience or sign up for one of theirs.  It’s simple, convenient, and takes the guesswork out of group travel!

Find Out How Group Experience Can Make Planning with Your Travel Tribe Easy!

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