If the term “group travel” conjures up images of your grandparents on a bus, it’s time to refresh your perspective!  Anyone can plan a group trip – girls’ trips, youth travel, faith-based, family reunions, service trips, sports trips, and on and on.  Group travel has tons of perks for anyone looking for a great adventure!

Top 5 Group Travel Perks



Group travel gives you access to pre-planned tours with no question marks.  You know where you’re going, what you’ll see and do, where you’ll stay, or even what you can expect to eat.

Often, you’ll have a knowledgeable guide or group leader to help navigate the unknown.  Guides know the hot spots and highlights, as well as what (and where) to stay away from.  Group tours take the guesswork out of traveling!


There’s a simple economic principle that says when you buy in bulk, costs go down.  The same principle applies to travel.

Traveling as a group gives you buying power. Attractions, accommodations, and even transportation offer discounts to group travelers.  For example:

Many airlines offer special group fares or discounts between 5% and 10% when you book on the same flight.

Hotels (especially the big brands) discount room costs when booking multiple rooms per night.

Nearly all attractions like theme parks and tours markdown ticket prices for groups of 20 or more.

Group + Travel = Save $!


How to Share Costs on A Group Trip


VIP Status

Groups tend to not only get the good discounts but the VIP experiences as well.  That doesn’t mean the destination is rolling out the red carpet, but it might mean enjoying some of the lesser-known local attractions or “side door” access.

Travel groups are often accompanied by a guide familiar with the area.  Guides are expertly trained to know the history, traditions, and culture of an area. He or she will ensure that you see everything on your itinerary AND the hidden gems as well!



We always tell our kids “stick with a buddy” when they go somewhere. The buddy rule makes a lot of sense when traveling as well.

Finding new places to explore is exciting and going with a friend is lots of fun!  So what happens if your travel buddy can’t go?

Travel groups are the perfect solution.  These are the people who share your interests and your wanderlust!  You’ll have a great time with new friends who appreciate an adventure.

Let’s not forget, there’s safety in numbers.  A group is much more intimidating than an individual, making it less attractive to predators.  It also helps to know that you have extra eyes on you and your valuables.



Group travel has its own unique dynamic.  It’s a community of very different personalities and backgrounds who share common interests.  One of the greatest perks of traveling with a group is viewing the world through another lens.

Each person brings a fresh perspective to the experience.  As a group, you exchange insight and understanding as you journey into unknown territory together.  It’s an opportunity to find your travel tribe!


Group travel is a great choice for so many travelers today.   It’s simple, affordable, safe, and has lots of advantages that aren’t available to individuals.  These are just a few of our favorite perks – plan a group trip and find out for yourself why your grandma knew what she was doing!