Do the open skies and smells of a campfire call to you?  Do you relish the idea of a day on the mysterious bayou?  Grab your boots, gather your travel tribe, and get ready for an epic adventure in the south-central U.S.!

The good folks of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana have mapped out an amazing journey for homegrown travelers.  Dubbed “Cowboys, Indians, and All That Jazz,” this unique itinerary spotlights parts of the country we often miss.

Stevie G., host of Destinations Beyond Expectations, recently chatted with Heather Egan from the Grapevine, Texas Convention and Visitors Bureau about the inspiration behind the trip.

“Here in Grapevine, we have always looked to our regional neighbors to create unique itineraries.  We recognize that a tour rarely visits Grapevine alone.  They are typically visiting other attractions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or will pass through en route to other destinations. We connect the dots to help enhance the tour for the tour operator. 

 In this case, the name “Cowboys, Indians and All That Jazz” was thrown out in a meeting here inside our office in Grapevine, and the idea was born!  Having a great theme and wonderful partners has made it easy to pull this fun tour together, and it’s gotten a lot of attention.  We’ve created several variations of this tour, which can range from 7-days to 21-days and works for both the domestic and international market as well as both group and FIT.”


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Ready for an epic adventure

Let’s Wrangle Up A Good Time in Grapevine!

Historic Grapevine, Texas, is where you’ll begin your south-central excursion.  Tucked neatly between Dallas and Fort Worth, Grapevine is a charming little spot with walkable attractions, dining, winery tasting rooms, and galleries galore.

It’s also the Christmas Capital of Texas®!  Grapevine sparkles as Santa’s favorite stop during the holidays!


A Little Bit of History

Grapevine originated under the Lone Star flag of the Republic of Texas in 1844, one year before Texas was annexed by the United States.

Sam Houston and other representatives of the Republic met with ten Native American nations to negotiate a treaty of peace in the area.  These friendly talks opened the door for homesteaders to settle the land.

Lone star flag

Vintage Grapevine

While you’re in town, be sure to explore the stories of these new Texans at the Settlement to City Museums.  The Keeling House, Donald School House, and Cotton Ginners Museum offer visitors a glimpse into Grapevine’s vintage past.

After you’ve had a taste of Grapevine’s history (and possibly signature wine), climb aboard the magnificent Grapevine Vintage Railroad and into an authentic 1920s Victorian coach.

You’ll steam your way to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards where you’re in for a real Texas treat!

Fort Worth Stockyard

Cow Town

The Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District is the only place in the world where you can see real cowboys wrangling cattle twice daily.  Cattle drovers heading for the Chisolm Trail between 1866-1890 originally passed through this spot, which became known as “Cow Town.”

Now it’s a fun and trendy Texas staple that stays true to its roots.  If you happen to be here on a Friday or Saturday night, check out the Stockyards Championship Rodeo and Billy Bob’s Texas for a truly thrilling evening out.

Experience Texas’ famous livestock history in the place where more than 4 million cattle moooo-ved through (I couldn’t resist!).


Cowboys and Cowgirls

Before you’re back on the rails to Grapevine, be sure to check out the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.  This outstanding museum spotlights the legends of rodeo in big Texas-style.


Don’t Forget the Ranch

Southfork Ranch, that is.  If you aren’t a child of the 80s or have been lost on the plains for the last few decades, Southfork Ranch is home to our favorite Texas socialites, the Ewings.

Southfork Ranch is really a beautiful working ranch that served as the family’s homestead on the television show “Dallas.”  It’s known as the “Most Famous Ranch in the World” and hosts hundreds of events each year.

Stop by for lunch, a tour, or a trail ride while you ponder who shot J.R.!


Brush the dust from your boots as you leave Texas behind and head to your next stop.  Tune into Destinations Beyond Expectations Friday, May 21st to find out what to expect as you get ready for the next leg of your epic adventure.

See you ‘SOON-er’ in Oklahoma!