You have the travel bug.  You love exploring new places and thrive on meeting new people.  Packing a suitcase makes you giddy with excitement.  And the idea of saving a few bucks while doing it has some serious appeal.

If you nodded along as you read, you just might be ready to start a travel group!

What is A Travel Group?

A travel group (or club) organizes destination-based trips for a group of people.  Most travel groups share a common interest.  For example, they might be

church groups searching for faith-based destinations.

colleges seeking travel abroad.

food and wine lovers planning tasting trips.

sports groups going to the big game or playing on a field far from home.

garden clubs exploring exotic locations.

music groups hoping to perform before an international audience.

class reunion planners looking for a change of scenery.


You get the idea.  Anyone with shared passions or interests can plan group travel.  It has great benefits for you and your travelers.

Top 5 Group Travel Perks


So how do you start a travel group?


How to Start A Travel Group – 4 Simple Steps

start a travel group

1. Establish Your Street Cred

Establish yourself as an expert in your area of travel.  Define your specific market (or niche) clearly.  How have you connected travel to your interest area?  Where have you been?  What opportunities exist for your travelers related to your niche?

Let people know that you know what you’re talking about. Offer helpful planning tidbits or suggestions that validate your competence.

Assuring potential travelers that you’re the real deal helps solidify your status as an authority and someone they can trust.

2. Build Your Travel Tribe

As you build your travel tribe, think about who you want to reach and how you will reach them.

Create a Traveler Profile

Think about the people you hope will travel with you and create a “traveler profile.”  Include qualities like age, hobbies, travel experience, location, travel budget, and attitude.  Use this profile to narrow down your list of travel candidates.

Use Your Network

Reach out to the people in your inner circle.  Talk to family, friends, organizations to which you belong, etc.  Keep your traveler profile in mind as you network with people who may be interested.

Go Social

Social media platforms give group travel planners a huge advantage!  Join communities and groups dedicated to your travel focus.

Post on Facebook, Insta, or even Pinterest.  Create an event (a sample trip) geared for your target audience and see if it gets any traffic.  Ask “co-hosts” to share your information.

It’s a great way to find like-minded travel buddies and doesn’t cost a thing!


how to start a travel group

3. Plan Your Strategy

As a group travel leader, you need a clear strategy for planning your trip and communicating with travelers.  Keep these points in mind:

Will you set the itinerary on your own or with input from others?

What’s the average budget for a trip?

Will you host multiple trips?

What concerns do your travelers have?

What kinds of resources are available to your group?

How will you update/contact travelers (i.e. email, FB, apps)


These are just a few details to consider when you start your travel group.  For more helpful tips, check out

7 Tips You Need to Know Before Planning A Group Trip


4. Find A Great Group Travel Provider

Do yourself a favor and simplify the planning process with a great group travel provider.  Sites like Group Experience are designed specifically for group travelers of all kinds!

Group Experience (GE) will help you organize your trip from start to finish.  GE has everything you need to plan your own experience or sign up for one of theirs.  It’s simple, convenient, and takes the guesswork out of group travel!

If spending time in a far-flung destination with a bunch of fun-loving people while saving money appeals to you, start a travel group.  It’s the ultimate adventure for travel bugs everywhere!