You’re ready to book a group experience for your travel tribe.  You’ve always been the family vacation planner – how different can it be?  Get a few rooms… plan some activities… done.  If only it were that simple!  Planning group travel is a very different process than planning a vacation.  There are lots of moving parts to consider before you can get moving.


First things first.  You need to know what your tribe wants to do.  What’s the general vibe of the group?  Adventurous?  Touristy? Food-obsessed?  Is this a party-till-the-wee-hours then sleep late or an up and at ‘em see the sunrise group?

Your itinerary should reflect not only the goals for your group trip but the group itself.  Think about your travelers when deciding on dates, trip length, and activities.  What kinds of accommodations do your people prefer? Consider crowds and capacity limits for attractions.  Make allowances for special physical needs.

Finally, include lots of opportunities to explore together as well as some solo travel time.


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Deciding on accommodations also tops your planning list.  Request quotes from multiple properties in your destination and be prepared with alternate dates as well.

When traveling as an individual, you may be able to cash in points or use your member status to upgrade your room.

As a group travel planner, you can really maximize your buying power.  Use the number of heads in beds on your trip to negotiate better rates, upgrades, or other perks like free meals or luggage check-in.

You won’t have to touch your points and you may be able to rack up some more!


group travel perks



One truly distinctive way booking group travel is different than a vacation is your supplier network. When you plan for groups to visit a destination, suppliers take notice.

Build a rapport with suppliers you work with often.  The more groups that visit, the more you establish a reputation as a high-volume producer.

You may find yourself on the receiving end of some great benefits as a result.  Suppliers may offer your tribe a private tour, exclusive experience, welcome reception, or other VIP advantages.  It’s a win for everyone!



When you take the kids on vacation, you really just need to be able to text to communicate.  I mean, I haven’t had an actual conversation with one of my children in years… I digress.

However, planning group travel requires constant contact.  Activity times may be adjusted, transportation pick-up points change, emergencies happen, etc.  You need to be able to reach each person quickly and easily on the go.

Try using a communication app to simplify your group discourse!

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Organization is THE most important (and challenging) part of planning group travel – hands down!  You manage clients, payments, suppliers, operations, documents, travel protection, excursions, and a million other details.  It can be quite overwhelming.

Streamline your organization with a great travel planning platform like Group Travel Odyssey (GTO).  GTO helps you manage marketing, sales, operations, suppliers, and accounting… everything that makes planning group travel different from vacation and an organizational nightmare.


5 ways planning group travel is different than a vacation


You’ve Got This

Group travel is a fantastic way to explore with your favorite people.  It’s a little different than planning a vacation but has some really awesome benefits.

Gather your travel tribe and get out in the world – you’ve got this!