The term “medieval” conjures up some pretty powerful images. Princesses, castles, plague (let’s skip that one) and, of course, chivalrous knights. It’s enough to make a reader of historical romances like myself swoon! Imagine the pageantry, the clashing of swords, damsels in distress and wondrous feats of horsemanship. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel through the ages to such a time?

What is Medieval Times?

Fortunately, we don’t have to time travel- simply visit the nearest Medieval Times for a dining and entertainment experience like no other. Medieval Times is a spectacular evening of food and showmanship that will have you leaping to your feet and cheering on your favorite knight!

What happens at a Medieval Times Tournament?

The Medieval Times experience begins the instant you enter the castle doors. The atmosphere is charged with excitement and royal decrees are shouted from the balconies.  Criers announce which gallant knight will represent you in the tournament.

The energy continues as you are sit down to an exquisite, four-course meal fit for royalty. Service is exceptional and incredibly efficient. Once your appetite is satisfied, the main event begins!

Knights dressed in bright colors and their stalwart mounts enter the ring, preparing for the tournament. Steel clashes with steel and sparks fly as the tournament gets underway. Viewers hold their collective breath as they watch noble knights parry and thrust with unrivaled skill. It’s a thrilling display of brawn and grace!  As the evening rolls out, the knights and their steeds join forces for the ultimate good of the kingdom, bringing the crowd surging to their feet and thundering applause.

Where can we find a Medieval Times?

There are 9 incredible Medieval Times locations throughout the United States and one in Toronto.  Find your favorite castle and plan a trip to Medieval Times!

Medieval Times is great for groups!

Medieval Times is an experience that touches all the senses and inspires the audience with dazzling displays of might and metal. It is an especially outstanding venue for groups of all sizes, including student groups, scout groups, homeschool groups, family reunion groups, and more. An 11th-century castle is an outstanding platform for both entertainment and education. Grab your shield and plan a trip to Medieval Times!