Choose A Tour Operator with Professional Memberships

You have high expectations when traveling with a group. You expect an outstanding safety record, personal attention, expert trip consultants, quality transportation and accommodations, and great attractions.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a reliable tour operator with a stellar reputation and track record of success.

You also want to work with a company that is a member in good standing with professional organizations like the American Bus Association (ABA).

choose a tour operator with professional memberships

Why is Membership Important?

Organizations like ABA exist to provide guidelines and safeguards for best practices in the travel industry.  They create a framework of standards for their partners, which ultimately benefits you as the traveler.

Membership with ABA is especially important.  Consider that:

  • Regulations and legislation for travel are constantly changing- ABA is up to date with the latest policies
  • Members have access to services and resources that support their travelers
  • Tour operators with an ABA membership connect directly with vendors offering the newest and best products in travel (attractions, shows, technology, travel protection, etc.)

In short, active membership with the American Bus Association and other professional organizations helps ensure a higher standard of service for all clients.

choose a tour operator with professional memberships

American Bus Association Marketplace 2022

As January kicks off, the American Bus Association (ABA) is gearing up for its annual conference.  Marketplace 2022 will take place January 7 – 11 in Grapevine, Texas.

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Group tour operators attending ABA will take part in

  • Education tracks focused on current industry trends and standards (social media, motor coach safety, COVID protocols, and other travel innovations)
  • Networking events that connect operators with industry leaders
  • Exhibits highlighting the latest and most exciting destinations and travel attractions
  • Sessions highlighting best business practices and the newest travel-friendly technology

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In Good Hands

Professional organizations like ABA play a key role in keeping your travel planning partner current and reliable.  Choosing a tour operator with professional memberships helps ensure that they are trustworthy and competent – not a fly-by-night company out to make a quick buck.

Choose a reliable tour operator with professional memberships to plan your adventures – the result is peace of mind when you travel!


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